What is Online Personal Training?

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Coronavirus, along with the development of better PT software has revolutionised the way personal training is being delivered with online coaching is becoming the new norm!

Online personal training is like having a qualified personal trainer in your pocket to guide you along your fitness journey - providing structure, motivation, and someone there to keep you accountable to your goals.

Gone are the days where you had to go out your way to meet your trainer at the gym for your allocated 1-hour slot. Instead, everything you need is sent directly to your phone via the app, ready for you to complete in the luxury of your own home, at a time that suits you!

How does it work?

Once a client I'll send you a link to download the client app and create an account. You'll then be invited to complete a questionnaire to allow me to get a clear picture of your goals, as well as your current fitness level. Using this information I will design a personalised programme and start scheduling in tasks and workouts for you to complete within the app calendar.

Click here for more information on the app


All the exercises that make up your workout come with a demonstation video and detailed desciption to ensure you perform them with good form and in a safe manner.

(Feel free to send me 'form video's so I can give you feedback on your technique)

The type of exercise in your programme will be determined by your current ability and fitness.

If you are new to training it's important to build a solid base so the exercise element may initially be to just go for a walk and maybe perform a stretching and core routine. If you have experience in fitness I may precribe a periodized strength building programme- It really depends!

Workouts can be followed along within the apps and data such as how many reps you did on a particular exercise are saved and displayed on easy-to-read graphs. This is a great feature as it allows us to see how you're getting on week-by-week and make any alterations to keep you progressing towards your goals.


What you eat is important. This is obvious, right? But it's often underestimated how key a role nutrition plays in transforming your body. You might have heard of Myfitnesspal?

It's an awesome app that easily allows you to log what you consume each day. The cool part is that it links to the client app. So all your data is stored and visible in one place.

(Sorry if this seems techy, but once you're up and running it becomes easy - and the results you get will make the initial learning curve worthwhile!)

I will calculate how many calories you should be consuming per day and provide you with a food template to use as a guide. I do however encourage you to only use this as a guide as meal plans are too restrictive and don't work long term. Instead, we will develop healthy eating habits that you can keep with you forever.

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